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Veneer door models1

Veneer Door Models and Technical Details

Veneer door models are include wood design and texture. Veneer doors are sometime called naturaal veneer doors. This name is also accetable. Because we have to use natural materials for produce veneer door.

Now we can check how is made. Door core, frame and architrave production process are same as other type of doors. But at surface on door leaf we need wood veneer. This venner is obtained from wood logs. Generally two types of method we use for produce veneer.

1.Rotary Cut Veneer :

2.Plain Sliced

This veneer is pressed on mdf with glue, than this sheet pressed on wood block with press machines. Also frame and other parts need wrapping operation with special process. Final part is polishing with varnish, this material keeps door againts bad factors.

Door Leaf Technical Drawing

Door Leaf Core

Veneer Door Models Choosing

Our advice is for choose colour and textures, you can do combine with your furnitures. Walnut, oak and bambu veneer is generally give good results at homes. For free consultant you can contact us via contact form. For veneer door models we added some pictures, we hope you will like.

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